It’s a bit brisk on the waterfront these days, but great light for photos. I photographed a couple of first timers and some regulars this week. Also, I caught the guys on the Vane tug Red Hook “Spotting Me”. The “Offshore Supply Vessel” Michael Lawrence and the James William ex Lisa Moran were among this week’s highlights.

He’s Spotting Me! Photo by John Skelson

Offshore Supply Vessel Michael Lawrence. Photo by John Skelson

USCGC Penobscot Bay. Photo by John Skelson

James William, formerly Lisa Moran. Photo by John Skelson

Hanjin Dallas. Photo by John Skelson

Gulf Coast. Photo by John Skelson

Foxy 3. Photo by John Skelson

Fells Point meets Hanjin Dallas. Photo by John Skelson

Hoegh Pusan. Photo by John Skelson

Maersk Danang. Photo by John Skelson

Red Hooks Meet. Photo by John Skelson

Ken’s Marine motor barge Saddleback. Photo by John Skelson

Keep Spotting…

All photos by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee

HHC/SHOP rendering via Tribeca Citizen


Howard Hughes Corp. has revealed the revised plans for the controversial Seaport Tower they have planned for site of the old Fulton Fish Market, The New Market building in South Street Seaport’s historic district, as reported by Downtown Express.

Photo via Curbed


City Officials expressed disappointment in the “new” plan, saying HHC had not considered the guidelines put forward by the Seaport Working Group, an organization of local politicians and community leaders.

The plan now includes “affordable housing” which proposes building/renovating 65 low-income units on historic Schermerhorn Row, the iconic cobbled street where the South Street Seaport Museum is located.

Schermerhorn Row. Photo via wikipedia


Downtown Express: The long-awaited revisions to the firm’s Seaport development plan still includes a tower, and now meets another administration goal: affordable housing.

The tower was originally 650 feet and it has been reduced to 494. The Seaport Working Group, made of local politicians and community leaders, had been waiting since June, for the firm’s revisions after it released its guidelines and principles, calling for an alternative to the tower.

Schematic of the project areas, including the current tower site, the New Market Building, and the Tin Building. Image courtesy of the Howard Hughes Corp. via Downtown Express


Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and Councilmember Margaret Chin, two of the group’s leaders, both blasted the new plan in prepared statements released Wednesday night, minutes after Hughes presented the plan at a private meeting of the group.

Read more from Downtown Express here…

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee


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