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Royal Caribbean has announced they will bring free Wi-Fi to more subway platforms in Manhattan and Queens, in a new partnership with the New York City subway (MTA). [PR Web]

The initiative is part of an advertising campaign announcing the arrival of the world’s first smart ship Quantum of the Seas in New York City on November 10, Royal Caribbean is planning to promote their new cruise ship on billboards, screens and digital displays across the city.

Photo via NBC New York

PR Web: The world’s first smartship Quantum of the Seas is set to arrive into New York Harbor on Nov. 10, 2014, and Royal Caribbean is counting down the days until her big debut.

With Quantum of the Seas introducing a wave of technological features that have never before been possible at sea, including ultrafast wireless capability that allows for unprecedented connectivity, the cruise line partnered with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to bring free Wi-Fi to underground subway platforms in Manhattan and Queens.

Read the press release here…

by Mai Armstrong

Image courtesy of Jet Capsule via DesignBoom


Jet Capsule is a compact, jet-ski powered vessel that measures 24 feet by 11 feet can with a 12 passenger capacity. [Gizmodo]

Image courtesy of Jet Capsule via DesignBoom


Dubbed the ‘2015 jet taxi’, the watercraft is ‘just the first of many next generation water taxis’, according to the founders of the Italian design company.



Gizmodo: The Water Taxi can currently be powered by either a single 370 hp diesel engine or a pair of 250 hp gas engines, though Solla and Lazzarini are working adapting hybrid or even fully-electric power plants into future iterations, and is propelled by a Hamiltonjet waterjet, which delivers a top speed of 32 knots.

Image courtesy of Jet Capsule via DesignBoom


Plus, its 92-gallon engine provides enough petrol for trips as far as 195 miles—that’s just a tad farther than sailing from NYC to New Haven and back again—and the craft itself is rated to sail in up to 6-foot-high swells.

Image courtesy of Jet Capsule via DesignBoom


Jet capsule has been selected for a public water taxi service in Italy next year, and the company is already in talks to expand to other major coastal cities including Dubai, Moscow, and Miami. Read more from Gizmodo here…

Image courtesy of Jet Capsule via DesignBoom


I want one. I really, really want one.

by Mai Armstrong


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