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Image via CBC News


Saturday evening, an ocean-going tugboat, Barbara Foss successfully tethered the Russian container ship Simushir, adrift since losing power Thursday, and is towing the disabled ship away from the Canadian coast. [CBC News reports]

Canadian Coast Guard ship Gordon Reid had managed to tow the ship 24 nautical miles out to sea before the towline got detached, setting the ship adrift again for six hours Saturday.

CCGS Gordon Reid towing Simushir Friday , 17 October, 2014. Photo via Maritime Forces Pacific facebook


CBC News: A large oceangoing tugboat has arrived to help a Russian cargo ship carrying hundreds of tons of fuel that is once again adrift off the west coast of Haida Gwaii.

A Canadian Coast Guard vessel began towing the incapacitated ship Friday evening, but lost the first two tow lines and then finally its third tow line late Saturday morning.

Barbara Foss. Photo by onyxman via


A spokesman with the Canadian Forces’ Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Victoria told CBC News at 11:30 a.m. PT that the Canadian Coast Guard vessel Gordon Reid had tried three times to attach lines to the Simushir, but that all three lines had snapped.

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 by Mai Armstrong


Photo via Riverkeeper


It’s citrusy, a little floral, with strong hoppy tones – and it’s a new way to help the environment, all while enjoying a nice, cold beer.

Each pint of a new Imperial IPA-style beer sold will benefit the waterway watch-group, Riverkeeper in a first-time partnership between an environmental group and a commercial brewery.

Mmm, hoppy. Photo via Riverkeeper


WAMC Northeast Public RadioTwo Westchester breweries — Peekskill Brewery and Elmsford-based Captain Lawrence Brewery – were partners in brewing the first-of-its-kind collaboration beer to benefit Riverkeeper. Michael Benz is Peekskill Brewery’s Brewery Ambassador. He says it’s the first time his brewery has become involved in brewing for a cause.

“We figured if it’s going to be any cause it should be this one specifically because water is at the heart of what we do,” says Benz.



An online campaign opened the naming-of-the-brew up to the public, drawing hundreds of votes for the winner from finalists like Clean River, Estuary, Save the Hudson, and Watchdog.

Riverkeeper Photo via WAMC Public Radio


The winning name? Lucky Sturgeon IPA

There’ll be tastings at Captain Lawrence Brewing Co., September 26 and at the third-annual Hudson Hop and Harvest festival on the Peekskill waterfront October 4.

Read more from WAMC Northeast Public Radio and Riverkeeper here…

by Mai Armstrong for Working Harbor Committee

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