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I spent a few hours shooting this week and wondering who will win the Tugboat Races this year. There are quite a few large new boats in NY Harbor this year; will it be one of them?

I finally got a good photo of Sabine, a tug chartered to McAllister. I kept missing her or capturing in bad light. Also, photographed Pelham, Henry Marine’s tug, headed for the Tappan Zee project; and got Vane’s Red Hook.

Sabine. Photo by John Skelson

Henry Marine’s Pelham. Photo by John Skelson

Passing, Robert E and Patrice McAllister. Photo by John Skelson

Chesapeake Coast maneuvering a barge at Bayonne. Photo by John Skelson

Brooklyn. Photo by John Skelson

Laura K Moran. Photo by John Skelson

Shawn Miller pushing a work barge. Photo by John Skelson

Small Tanker Sunny Williams (sister ship Emma Miller was shown last week). Photo by John Skelson

Taurus. Photo by John Skelson

St. Andrew. Photo by John Skelson

Red Hook, raced last year. Photo by John Skelson

Marjorie B McAllister. Photo by John Skelson

US Army Corp of Engineers work boat. Photo by John Skelson

This weekend will be a busy one with a Hidden Harbor Tour Saturday on Circle Line. The 22nd Annual North River Tugboat Race & Competition will be held on Sunday. Spectators can watch the race close-up on the Circle Line Spectator Boat. Activities start at 9:30. Competitions will also be held on Pier 84 (right next to Circle Line).

Hope to see everyone there!

All photos by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee

Here are some more photos from Saturday’s Hidden Harbor Tour of Newark Bay, on Circle Line Sightseeing.

HMS Justice, Barge in push gear at the Bayonne Bridge. Photo by John Skelson.

Herma P unloading at Maher Terminal Port Elizabeth. Photo by John Skelson.

Amy Moran headed for Moran’s yard Port Richmond. Photo by John Skelson.

Maersk Atlanta at APM Terminal Port Elizabeth. Photo by John Skelson.

Kirby’s Penn No. 4 headed westbound in the Kill van Kull. Photo by John Skelson.

Pokomoke in push gear east in the KVK. Photo by John Skelson.

Thomas D Witte in drydock at Caddell Staten Island. Note, both propellers are missing. Photo by John Skelson.

Specialist in Newark Bay. Photo by John Skelson.

Nanticoke entering the KVK. Photo by John Skelson.

The giant crane Left Coast Lifter, getting readied for the Tappan Zee Bridge project. Photo by John Skelson.

Atlantic Compass at Port Elizabeth. Photo by John Skelson.

US Naval Ship Watkins in the “Graving Dock” Bayonne NJ. Photo by John Skelson.

Small Tanker Emma Miller in the KVK. Photo by John Skelson.

This is the last weekend to see my photo exhibit, “Tugboats, Workhorses of NY Harbor” on the Historic Lighthouse Tender “Lilac” located at Pier 25, at the foot of N. Moore St in Manhattan. I plan on being there for a while Sunday afternoon.

Also, be sure and get your Spectator Boat tickets for the Great North River Tugboat Race (PDF) on Sunday, August 31!

See you “ShipSpotting”…

All photos by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee

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