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F/V Sherman Zwicker, Maine Maritime Museum. Photo by Jacklee via wikipedia

Have you been aboard F/V Sherman Zwicker yet?

This historic wooden schooner, transformed from her fishing boat roots, has been making waves on the Hudson waterfront as a chic and trend-worthy floating oyster bar called Grand Banks.

Photo via Business Insider

Moored at Pier 25 on the Hudson River, the 145 capacity vessel sports a menu that includes “sustainably sourced oysters” and “nautically inspired cocktails”.

Photo via

Unless you want to wait until next April to check out their Engine Room, you’ll want to get to Pier 25 before the end of the month. F/V Sherman Zwicker will be heading south for the winter at the end of October.

Photo via

Read more about the history of the F/V Sherman Zwicker at

by Mai Armstrong



The KVK is busy these days, with all the cargo coming in; here’s some of the past weeks photos.

Chrisopigi Lady unloading her products at Con Hook terminal on a rainy Saturday. Photo by John Skelson

Christina Star outbound riding light in the water. Photo by John Skelson

Saigon Express headed for Port Elizabeth. Photo by John Skelson

Tug Severn; barge in “Push Gear”. Photo by John Skelson

Port Richmond, one of the new DEP vessels. Photo by John Skelson

NRC Guardian, “Pollution Control Vessel”. Photo by John Skelson

NRC Guardian passing Saigon Express. Photo by John Skelson

MOL Endeavor outbound. Photo by John Skelson

Half Moon… I don’t think Henry Hudson is arriving. Photo by John Skelson

McAllister Girls. Photo by John Skelson

Larry J Herbert. Photo by John Skelson

Tangier Island. Photo by John Skelson

James Turecamo. Photo by John Skelson


Sunday is the Circumnavigation of Staten Island, hope to see you there. Until next week… John Skelson

All photos by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee

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