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The Rockaway Ferry is due to cease operations in October. City subsidies have been cut and without the financial bolster, the popular ferry can’t continue to provide commuters the option of traveling by boat. Although the end seems imminent, local lawmakers continue to try to keep the ferry afloat. [Queens Chronicle]

Rockaway Beach. Photo by Malcolm Pinckney via NYC Parks

Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder is looking for an alternative to city subsidies. He penned a letter to the Port Authority of NY/NJ asking them to consider funding the vital transit service, permanently.

Passengers on a Manhattan-bound ferry from Rockaway. Photo via Queens Chronicle.

Queens Chronicle: Mr. Goldfeder sent a letter to Patrick Foye, executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, asking the agency consider the possibility of funding permanent ferry service between the peninsula and Manhattan, and possibly JFK Airport as well, through grants the Port Authority issues to communities affected by noise and pollution from airports.

Runway jam-packed at JFK Airport. Photo via Airspot

“Our families live in the shadows of JFK Airport and as good neighbors, I’m asking the Port Authority to consider supporting this critical service,” Goldfeder said in a statement. “The ferry service is not a luxury, but a necessity for our families and small businesses. It became evident after Sandy that we need to increase public transit options and improve our transportation infrastructure for our geographically isolated communities in Southern Queens and Rockaway.” Read more at the Queens Chronicle here…

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

Plane queue on a runway at JFK airport. Photo via wikipedia

About a month ago, when a small boat carrying some boozing party-animals crashed into the runway pier at LaGuardia Airport, it was discovered that Port Authority boat patrols around Kennedy and LaGuardia airports were canceled last year to save money.

Although some patrols resumed last month after a boat crashed into a LaGuardia runway light pier, nighttime patrols around JFK airport have not resumed. [The New York Post]

Astonishingly, it’s happened again.

Image: NBC News New York

The New York Post: Two kayakers adrift in Jamaica Bay with just one paddle unwittingly breached Kennedy Airport’s $300 million perimeter detection system.

They could have been spotted by a boat patrol — except there wasn’t one. Port Authority boats don’t patrol the bay at night, police sources said.

Kayaking at night. Photo by ©Nick Smith via The Daily Mail

The duo lost two paddles when their three-man kayak rolled over. They washed up on a swampy area that juts out from the end of Kennedy’s Runway 4L, said Port Authority police sources. The airport’s perimeter detection system failed to detect the pair, the sources said.

Port Authority patrol boat. Photo via The New York Post

“Once again a perimeter security breach at JFK Airport raises serious concerns about the Port Authority’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, a system the PAPBA believes is a failure,” said a spokesman for the Port Authority police union. “The PA has the vessels, purchased with federal funds, and Coast Guard certified marine police officers to perform a 24-hour marine perimeter patrol with rescue capability.’

Read more at The New York Post here…

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

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