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Some Lower East Side residents who attended last weeks Community Board 3 meeting, voiced their concerns about the planned amenities for the redesign of Pier 42, as reported by Curbed.

Pier 42 Rendering via Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects


Curbed: At a Community Board 3 meeting last night, some Lower East Side residents showed up to express their dismay about the types of amenities that will be offered at the refurbished pier.

Pier 42 Rendering via Curbed


Via Bowery Boogie: Led by a vocal Nancy Ortiz – Vladeck Houses Resident Association President – many in the room relayed their feelings of being disenfranchised from the overall master plan. She immediately went on the offensive and noted that the approximate 10,000 families living in the immediate vicinity don’t benefit from amenities like a kayak area [...] Ortiz noted that “we are a community tired of being ignored … [kayaks] don’t fit into the demographic of our community.”

Pier 42 Rendering via Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects


The Lower East Siders in attendance called instead for a public pool or roller rink, and Ortiz accused the pier planners of trying to appeal too much to outsiders rather than serving the community.

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by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

Photo by Patience Marsh via IQLA/Auburn University


Borough President James Oddo is considering charging all non-Staten Islanders $4 to ride the Staten Island Ferry to his “forgotten borough”. Residents and SI-workers would carry a special ID card, that would exempt them from what he is calling a “tourist” fare. [The Staten Island Advance]

Photo by Patrick Nouhailler via wikipedia


Anticipating an extra 1 million ferry riders a year coming to Staten Island for the soon-to-be-built NY Wheel and Empire Outlets, Oddo’s Independent Budget Office calculates a potential windfall amounting to millions each year.

Maybe Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx should charge “non-locals” to visit too.

Photo via


The Staten Island Advance: Implementing a “tourist-only” Staten Island Ferry fare, or a MetroCard swipe for non-borough residents, would amount to millions of dollars in revenue for the city each year, according to a recent study.

Photo via The New York Daily News


The study, which is on the IBO website, presents a scope for the next 15 years and includes two payment methods: the aforementioned, stand-alone ferry charge for tourists, and an implementation of the MTA’s MetroCard system for all who live outside of Staten Island. The estimated revenue gathered in the study includes the installation costs of gates, turnstiles, and ticket vending machines.

Whitehall Terminal. Photo by SPUI via wikipedia


“I still believe raising revenue from tourists from Italy and Indianapolis is better than raising an equivalent amount from more fees, fines and property taxes,” said Oddo in a statement.

Read more from  The Staten Island Advance here…

by Mai Armstrong for Working Harbor Committee

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