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The largest container ships in the world just keep getting bigger.

Maersk’s 18,000 TEU capacity Triple-E’s have been overtaken by China Shipping Container Lines newest ship, built by HHI the CSCL Globe. CSCL Globe is the first of 5 new CSCL 19,000 TEU mega-ships, besting Maersk’s biggest Triple-E ships by 1,000 TEUs.

CSCL Globe, the world’s largest container ship, was named in a ceremony at HHI in Korea this week. Photo credit: HHI.


Gizmodo: The CSCL Globe is the first of an upcoming fleet of five such $175 million vessels that the company plans to operate throughout the Pacific. The CSCL Globe measures more than 1,300 feet long, almost 200 feet wide, 98 feet deep, and weighs 183,800 tons. It’s powered by a single 94,791 hp MAN B&W 12-cylinder diesel engine. That’s not quite as powerful as the RTA96-C, but the CSCL Globe’s engine incorporates an electronically-controlled throttle that takes the ships relative speed and the prevailing ocean conditions into account to offer increased fuel efficiency rates. In fact, the ships engine burns 20 percent less fuel per TEU than a cargo ship roughly half its size, even when travelling at its 16 knot top speed.

IHS Maritime: CSCL Globe will be joined into early 2015 by deliveries of four sister ships: CSCL Arctic Ocean, CSCL Atlantic Ocean, CSCL Indian Ocean, and CSCL Pacific Ocean (scheduled for delivery next month).

Read more from Gizmodo and  IHS Maritime here…

It’s a bit brisk on the waterfront these days, but great light for photos. I photographed a couple of first timers and some regulars this week. Also, I caught the guys on the Vane tug Red Hook “Spotting Me”. The “Offshore Supply Vessel” Michael Lawrence and the James William ex Lisa Moran were among this week’s highlights.

He’s Spotting Me! Photo by John Skelson

Offshore Supply Vessel Michael Lawrence. Photo by John Skelson

USCGC Penobscot Bay. Photo by John Skelson

James William, formerly Lisa Moran. Photo by John Skelson

Hanjin Dallas. Photo by John Skelson

Gulf Coast. Photo by John Skelson

Foxy 3. Photo by John Skelson

Fells Point meets Hanjin Dallas. Photo by John Skelson

Hoegh Pusan. Photo by John Skelson

Maersk Danang. Photo by John Skelson

Red Hooks Meet. Photo by John Skelson

Ken’s Marine motor barge Saddleback. Photo by John Skelson

Keep Spotting…

All photos by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee

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