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Photo via FDNY Marine1


Two Brooklyn men spent a cold and wet night stranded on two different small islands in New York Harbor after becoming separated from their jet ski.

One man was sighted by a tugboat operator clinging to the rocks at the West Bank Lighthouse. He called 911 and activated the FDNY, and Coast Guard who rescued the two men who were taken to hospital for hypothermia.[New York Post]


NYPD Video


The New York Post: Two men were thrown from a jet ski into choppy waters between Staten Island and Brooklyn just before nightfall Saturday — drifting apart and swimming to separate islands to spend the cold, wet night alone before being rescued.

A tugboat operator saw the first victim on the rocky shore of the tiny bit of land around the West Bank Lighthouse around 8 a.m., Sunday, after the jet-skier had been stranded first in the water and then on land for a total of about 12 hours.

Read more from The New York Post here…


I spent a quiet morning on the KVK this weekend, and caught a few neat photos, like the tug Neptune pushing the Great Lakes Dredge GL54.

Last week we watched Robert Burton racing; this week it was back at work on the KVK. While riding the SI Ferry, I was able to catch Don Jon’s huge Chesapeake 1000 raising a sunken barge in the upper bay.

Another tug we watched racing was Don Jon’s Meagan Ann, and she was photographed passing under the VZ Bridge at dusk.

Chesapeake 1000 Raising a Sunken Barge. Photo by John Skelson

Ellen McAllister Heading out to Pick up a Ship. Photo by John Skelson

Gulf Dawn with a Light Hopper Barge “On the Hip”. Photo by John Skelson

Hanjin Elizabeth Inbound. Photo by John Skelson

Tug Neptune Pushing Great Lakes Dredge GL54 in the KVK. Photo by John Skelson

Neptune. Photo by John Skelson

Robert Burton. Photo by John Skelson

Meagan Ann Passing under the VZ Bridge. Photo by John Skelson

Wehr Singapore Headed for Port Elizabeth. Photo by John Skelson

“Lift Boat” Vantage Working on the Hoboken Shore. Photo by John Skelson

Morgan Reinauer. Photo by John Skelson

Newark NJ Police Patrolling the KVK. Photo by John Skelson

Pegasus Passing Under the Bayonne Bridge. Photo by John Skelson

Have a good week ship spotting. John Skelson.


All photos by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee

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