Farewell Peking. Photo by Gryffindor (CC 3.0)


Grab your camera and head down to South Street Seaport this weekend for your last chance to stroll upon Peking‘s decks. The iconic barque that has graced our waterfront for more than 40 years will be shipping out early in September to her birthplace, Hamburg, Germany.

She will winter at Caddell’s on the Kill Van Kull to prepare for her journey across the Atlantic on a heavy-lift ship in the Spring.

Photo by Vincent Desjardins (CC 2.0)


The German government has pledged $30 million euros to restore Peking to glory, at her new home berth at the maritime museum of Hamburg. Although it will be sad to see her go, I am pleased that she will have a good home in Germany.

Peking and Ambrose on the Street of Ships. Photo by Joe Mabel (CC 2.0)


Free Friday’s at the South Street Seaport Museum kicks off the final weekend of public access to Peking with participatory sail-raising aboard the barque, printing demonstrations at Bowne Printers with Peking themed take-aways, and a special screening of Around Cape Horn with thanks to Mystic Seaport Museum. Click here to register for the screening.

Read a Special Message from Captain Jonathan Boulware, Seaport Museum Executive Director here.

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee


J.W. Westcott II. Photo via OldShips


J.W. Westcott II is a mail delivery boat that operates out of Detroit, Michigan, delivering mail to Great Lakes vessels that are underway on the Detroit River. The mail is delivered using a “mail-by-pail” system, as it has done since the first mid-river mail delivery in 1895.

J. W. Westcott II. Photo by Copysan (CC 4.0)


Correspondence and packages bound for ships crews can be delivered to them via J.W. Westcott II by addressing them to:

Vessel Name,
Marine Post Office,
Detroit, Michigan, 48222

The US postal zip code 48222 is exclusive to the floating post office and its ship addressees.



J.W. Westcott II is 45 feet in length and is powered by a single screw 305 horsepower marine diesel engine. In contract with the USPS through 2021, the mail-boat delivers all mail free of charge, courtesy of the US Postal Service.

The New York Times recently published a beautiful editorial about the J.W. Westcott II and her unique service. be sure to read it here…

Hat tip to WHC Steering Committee member Chris Berg – Thanks Chris for the link to this amazing story.


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

Great North River Tugboat RaceSeptember 4th, 2016
9 days to go.

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