USCGC Polar Sea (WAGB-11). U.S. Coast Guard photo. (PD)


USCGC Polar Sea (WAGB-11), a heavy icebreaker, is headed to the scrap yard after almost 40 years of service.

First commissioned in 1977, USCGC Polar Sea was built to break up to 21 feet of ice with her reinforced hull and up to 75,000 hp of brute strength. But her role in science was also noteworthy. Equipped with 5 labs below deck that can house thirty-five scientists and technicians, Polar Sea could also process real-time satellite images to aid in ice navigation, aid science planning, and weather forecasting.

USCGC Polar Sea. USCG photo (PD)


Now, her service is done. As reported by Elleda Wilson of the Daily Astorian, the majestic ship was captured on her final journey as the Foss tug Kalama lead her away.

“I’m on a tug assisting an ocean tug towing the decommissioned Coast Guard ice breaker Polar Sea,” Curt Dawson, a Foss deck engineer, told the Ear on Saturday. “She’s going to the ‘bone yard’ (in Seattle) and probably never seen again by the public.”

Watch part of the well-worn vessel’s last journey was captured on video by Jeff Daly.



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American Merchant Mariners’ Memorial. Photo by K M (CC 2.0)


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Servicemen plays taps at Arlington National Cemetery. Photo by Beverly & Pack (CC 2.0)


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