And we’re off! photo: Will Van Dorp/tugster

What a fantastic race it was with 22 tugs churning up the Hudson River! Here’s a quick peek from the mainstream news outlets on the events of the day.

From DNAinfo: Now in its 20th year, the tugboat race, which starts at West 79th Street and ends at Pier 84 (near West 43rd Street) brings out the hearty watercraft to show their stuff in a Hudson River race, nose-to-nose pushing contest, and parade.

Kenny McCoy, a volunteer for the USS Lilac Steamship, a preserved ship at Pier 2, said he and his wife Lynn came as fans. “We came down from the Bronx to cheer on the Bronx’s tugboat. This is a great and unique event,” he said.

Another spectator, Mike Fitz, said he and a friend drove from Westfield, N.J. to watch the races.

“We saw an ad for it,” he explained. “I’m shocked at how big the tugboats are up close — they always look so small on the water.” Read more here.

Pegasus v. Thornton Bros. photo: Will Van Dorp/tugster

More from NY1: New Yorkers watched Sunday as more than a dozen tugboats of different sizes battled for harbor honors in the 20th Annual Great North River Tugboat Race on the Hudson River.

Organizers said it is a great way to teach the public about what they do.

“Gives the crews the day to show their pride for their boats. They fix them up and paint them up nice and show their skills with the boat handling and the line throwing,” said Captain Mike Keenan. Read more here. 

Vulcan III v.  Lincoln Sea. photo: Will Van Dorp/tugster

I literally have thousands of photos to sift through and will try to get them up as soon as I can. Until then, many thanks to tugster, whom I am in constant awe of how quickly he get’s his photos online. You’re lighting fast, Will!

WHC’s Jonathan Atkin/ShipShooter on Blue Classroom. photo: Will Van Dorp/tugster

Many thanks also to Capt. Mike Abbot and crewman Mike, for their fantastic maneuvering of the New York Harbor School’s Blue Classroom between the tugs and wake and getting us right in the middle of the action!

by Mai Armstrong for Working Harbor Committee