20th Annual Great North River Tug Race & Competition 2012 – Official Race Results

photo: Mai Armstrong

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Line Toss:
1st Place Meagan Ann (22 sec)
2nd Place Buchanan 12 (1 min 22 sec)

Little Toot  Award:
The Bronx – 25 feet – the smallest tug in the fleet.

Best Crew Tattoo:
Crew member from Lincoln Sea (no one got his name, anyone know?)

Best Vintage Tug:

Best Looking Tug:
Maurania III, from McAllister

photo: Mai Armstrong

Best Mascot:
Duke, Pam’s dog from Pegasus, wearing a yellow PFD; a regular part of the Pegasus crew.

Best Dressed Crew:
The crew of Growler from the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point – all wearing navy blue polo shirts and khaki pants or (long) shorts.

Best Team Spirit:
Miller’s Launch, which brought 4 tugs and provided the Yokohamas (giant fenders) to protect the pier.

photo: Mai Armstrong

If we had an award for Longest Distance Traveled, probably would have been awarded to Deborah Miller, Millers Marine Services in Port Jefferson, who cast off in the wee hours of the morning to make race start time, traveling 6 hours to attend.

Race Committee: Captain Jerry Roberts, who created the race 20 years ago, was race committee chair.  Other race committee members were: Captain Betsy Haggerty, Captain Matt Perricone, Renee Stanley, Gwen Billig, and Wendy Range. USCG Commander Linda Sturgis joined us to judge the tattoo contest.

photo: Mai Armstrong

Many, many thanks to all WHC volunteers, friends and family who help to make this event a success every year!

by Mai Armstrong for Working Harbor Committee