From Port Technology International: Infrastructure investment includes expanded container yard, 30 straddle carriers & three RTGs

Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT) has announced an ambitious $500 million infrastructure investment program in anticipation of increasing traffic generated by the expanded Panama Canal from 2015.

Port Newark. Photo: Mitch Waxman

The infrastructure investment includes the acquisition of 30 new straddle carriers, three rubber-tyred gantry cranes, capable of lifting two containers simultaneously, and the expansion of the PNCT’s existing container yard by around 80 acres, which, according to PNCT, is already well underway.

PNCT located in Port Newark, New Jersey, handles over 600,000 containers annually. Image: PNCT via Port Technology International

The expansion is expected to double the number of containers moving through the container terminal. The Port Authority of New York/New Jersey will invest up to an additional $150 million in improvements to the PNCT facility. Read more here…

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