In the past 24 hours, photos and video footage have poured in from the collaborative group of photographer friends of the Working Harbor Committee.

John Skelson was stationed on the fireboat John J. Harvey where he captured these amazing shots. See Skelson’s full photo set here.

Vane Brothers Hunting Creek and McAllister Resolute are neck-and-neck half way through the course. Photo: ©John Skelson

Millers Launch Debora Miller and Catherine C. Miller vie for the finish. Photo: ©John Skelson

McAllister Resolute and Kirby Tasman Sea go nose-to-nose in the “Feats of Strength” pushing competition. Photo: ©John Skelson

The Circle Line Spectator Boat is right in the middle of the action – Fireboat Three Forty Three sprays a water display while Vane Brothers Hunting Creek churns up the Hudson. Photo: ©John Skelson


Skelson was on board  with his lovely photographer wife Phyllis, who shot this top-notch video of the big race. Thank you Phyllis for getting the entire race on video! It’s absolutely exhilarating! You can see more of Phyllis’ race photos here.


Fireboat Three Forty Three. Photo: ©Phyllis Featherstone

Parade of Tugs. Photo: ©Phyllis Featherstone

Peter F. Gellatly and Tasman Sea get tough with each other. Photo: ©Phyllis Featherstone


John Huntington, photographer and blogger at Control Geek, was also aboard the fireboat and he caught these beauties. See his full set of shots here.

Debora Miller at full-throttle with their donkey mascot on top deck. Photo: ©John Huntington

Peter F. Gellatly churning up some serious wake. Photo: ©John Huntington

W.O. Decker posing for the Spectator Boat before race start. Photo: ©John Huntington

Vantage point. Photo: ©John Huntington

We would like to thank all our photographer friends who have generously given WHC permission to showcase their work. Many more have forwarded their links to photos of WHC’s 21st annual Great North River Tugboat Race & Competitions, which I’ll share over the next few days. Keep ’em coming!

Look for more race highlights and photos tomorrow!

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee