Thank you all for so many amazing photos from the big tugboat race last Sunday. Here’s more from our friends on the water, plus the official race times posted here.

tugster, got to meet face-to-hoof the “Best Mascot” contest winner, Buddy the donkey, who was all gussied-up with a hat, life-vest and gold glitter hoof-polish. Buddy was relaxed, calmly munching on donkey treats throughout the race on board Debora Miller.

tugster gives an exhilarating view of the action from on board Susan Miller. If you haven’t already, you must check out his coverage of the Tugboat Race here and here and here!

Buddy the Debora Miller donkey. Photo: ©tugster/Will Van Dorp

And they’re off! Photo: ©tugster/Will Van Dorp

Jamie from Susan Miller hits his mark in the line-toss competition. Photo: ©tugster/Will Van Dorp

Fireboat John J. Harvey easily keeps pace with the race. Photo: ©tugster/Will Van Dorp.


bowsprite, always seems to be in 3 places at once! Not only did she man one of the pop-up tents, she also managed to snap a slew of pics from Pier 84. You should go see her shots and video here.

Many, many heartfelt thanks for bowsprite‘s generous donation of one of her gorgeous tugboat watercolors for the raffle. Congratulations to the winner, Emily F. from Brooklyn!

The raffle prize was a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind maritime watercolor by bowsprite. Photo:© tugster/Will Van Dorp

The Vane twins Hunting Creek and Red Hook get tough with each other in the pushing contest. Photo: ©bowsprite/Christina Sun

Got Ink? Sailors flaunt it for the Tattoo Contest judging. Photo: ©bowsprite/Christina Sun

WHC-er John McClusky narrator on the Circle Line 42 Spectator boat, found out from one of the Circle Line Engineers that Seagus was their tug. The name came about when the Circle Line 42 or World Yacht Boat captains would need the tugs assistance. Rumor has it that the response was, “You need the tug, you better “See Gus”. “Gus” is Circle Line 42 owner, Gus Markou. Brilliant!

Need a tug? Seagus. See Gus, get it? Photo: ©bowsprite/Christina Sun


Kayaker Vladimir Brezina who blogs at Wind Against Current with Johna Till Johnson, took some spectacular photos of the race. Vlad, were you in a kayak? If you were… Wow. You are much more adventuresome than me! Go see Vlad’s oodles of wonderful photos here.

This 21st running of the tugboat race had the fastest and … slowest times ever. Photo: Photo: ©Vladimir Brezina/Wind Against Current

Resolute and Hunting Creek at full-throttle vying for first place. Photo: ©Vladimir Brezina/Wind Against Current

Red Hook and Resolute show their strength. Photo: ©Vladimir Brezina/Wind Against Current

Gotta say Vlad, I love love love this one of the Harvey…

Majestic John J. Harvey sprays white water against a dramatic sky. Photo: ©Vladimir Brezina/Wind Against Current


I expect some of you lucky people are at the Waterford Tugboat Roundup this weekend. Got pics? Join the WHC photo pool on flickr and share them with us!

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee