Turned the clock back this past weekend, now there’s less time to spend on the waterfront. Most of this week’s photos were shot on the last good day of Daylight Savings; it started cloudy and then the sun popped out with golden light.

Now with the chill in the air, I am going through my massive library of negatives and slides looking for some surprises and one is here today.

Tug Delta passing IMTT Bayonne. Photo: ©John Skelson

Ellen McAllister eastbound. Photo: ©John Skelson

On patrol in the KVK, NJ State Police “Moose Boat”. Photo: ©John Skelson

A surprise late afternoon arrival, Cruise Ship Crystal Symphony entering the harbor, tug Shelby in the foreground. Photo: ©John Skelson

Shelby (Weeks) as she passed my location. Photo: ©John Skelson

Henry Marine’s Robert IV in push gear eastbound in the KVK. Photo: ©John Skelson

At the wheel of Robert IV. Photo: ©John Skelson

From my archives, Esso (Exxon) Empire State in the KVK, 1971. Does she look familiar?. Photo: ©John Skelson

McAllister Responder, formerly Esso Empire State. Photo: ©John Skelson

Hope to see everyone Sunday on the Circumnavigation of Staten Island. If you have any photography questions, feel free to ask me. 

All photos by John Skelson for the Working Harbor Committee