I’m always on the lookout for the new or unusual, case in point, this past Sunday morning I had my photography class shooting on the grounds of Snug Harbor, Staten Island, I spotted some activity across the river on the Bayonne side.

A large tug with a Red stack, hooked up to a barge. Red stack, could it be a “Crowley” tug in the KVK? And what about the Ellen McAllister and Resolute along side of her? They must be preparing to assist in turning the 600 plus feet of Crowley ATB around.

“Class, the lesson today is “How to Photograph Tugboats”. The tug Pacific Reliance and barge 650-1 are owned by Crowley Marine Services and operate out of Jacksonville, Florida. The two McAllister’s were needed to assist in getting her under way. An extra treat, Robert E McAllister was passing during the operation.

Now the “Polar Vortex and Snow are back and I’ve dug into my archives for some more from 2006-2007. (Click images to enlarge.)

Ellen McAllister and Pacific Reliance. Photo: ©John Skelson

Resolute gives a push. Photo: ©John Skelson

Ellen McAllister and Resolute at work as Robert E McAllister passes. Photo: ©John Skelson

Pacific Reliance getting under way. Photo: ©John Skelson

Out to sea. Photo: ©John Skelson

Another visitor from Florida in 2006, “Tractor Tug” Vicky M McAllister assists in moving the Intrepid. Vicky’s home is Port Everglades. Photo: ©John Skelson

“Tractor Tug” Robert E McAllister 2007. Photo: ©John Skelson

Another “Tractor Tug” Ellen McAllister 2007. Tractor Tug has since been painted over as in more recent photos. Photo: ©John Skelson

McAllister Brothers 2007. Photo: ©John Skelson

Eileen McAllister 2007. Photo: ©John Skelson

Brian A McAllister 2007. Photo: ©John Skelson

Tomorrow is forecast to be a “balmy” 19 degrees and I hope to get out shooting…

Until next week, John Skelson

All photos by John Skelson for the Working Harbor Committee