It won’t be long before the warmer weather and Working Harbor Committee boat tours will be here, so as a reminder of things to come, this week I am posting photos from past Hidden Harbor® tours.

Tugboats, Container ships, Newark Bay, Erie Basin, KVK, sunsets near the Statue…

YES!… it will not be long now.

Kristy Ann Reinauer in Erie Basin. Photo: ©John Skelson

Emerald Express anchored off Staten Island. Photo: ©John Skelson

Ellen S Bouchard from South Street. Photo: ©John Skelson

Miss Yvette in the KVK. Photo: ©John Skelson

Container ship Najran heading out to sea. Photo: ©John Skelson

Nave Atria “Bunkering” in the anchorage. Photo: ©John Skelson

SS Julia at Bayonne. Photo: ©John Skelson

Thomas D Witte in Buttermilk Channel. Photo: ©John Skelson

Thomas Dann at the Bayonne Bridge. Photo: ©John Skelson

Lynx in Newark Bay. Photo: ©John Skelson

Sadly, Crow has been removed from service and is in the scrap yard awaiting the torch. Photo: ©John Skelson.

Red Sky in the Night, sunset over Global Terminal. Photo: ©John Skelson.

Hopefully the ice will be gone from my regular shooting spot by next week, until then…

All photos by John Skelson for the Working Harbor Committee