Some days I am lucky to see a tugboat in an hour, other days a parade of ships, the later being today.

A new load of Rock Salt for Atlantic Salt, ZIM Monaco loaded with Summer Fashions, and the latest electronics. McAllister tugs turning the 750 foot tanker Uraga Princess around 180° from her pier in Bayonne, to head out to sea (video to follow next week). Of course Tugboats, quite a few passing, including Mary Gelatly to add to last week’s list of Mary’s..

ZIM Monaco bound for Port Newark, Ellen McAllister and Mary Gelatly behind. Photo: ©John Skelson

Susan Miller, work barge in push gear. Photo: ©John Skelson

Twin Tube. Photo: ©John Skelson

Ever Precious arriving with a load of Rock Salt, Catherine Turecamo and Gramma Lee T Moran assisting docking. Photo: ©John Skelson

ATB Galveston, and barge Petrochem Producer at IMTT Bayonne. Photo: ©John Skelson

Mary Gelatly west in the KVK. Photo: ©John Skelson

Meagan Ann leaving the Fuel Dock, Bayonne. Photo: ©John Skelson

Robert IV lurking about. Photo: ©John Skelson

Robert E McAllister preparing to move Uraga Princess. Photo: ©John Skelson

Tanker Uraga Princess underway. Photo: ©John Skelson

Morgan Reinauer inbound for Reinauer’s yard. Photo: ©John Skelson

US Army Corps of Engineers Hocking. Photo: ©John Skelson

That’s all for now, have a good week.

All photos by John Skelson for the Working Harbor Committee