Orange Sky arrived this week with her cargo of Orange Juice from (somewhere) to Port Newark with our old friend Gramma Lee T Moran assisting her. An Evergreen ship, Ever Reach, came in on her way to Port Elizabeth loaded with containers of summer and probably Fall goods.

Zhen Hua 10 was leaving port empty after delivering new cranes to Port Newark. Another unusual sight was Conti Harmony, a small container ship, leaving empty and riding so high out of the water that her Bow Thruster was visible.

Orange Sky arriving, Hayward, Catherine Turecamo passing and Gramma Lee T assisting. Photo: ©John Skelson.

Orange Sky. Photo: ©John Skelson.

Gramma Lee assisting. Photo: ©John Skelson.

Ever Reach. Photo: ©John Skelson.

Evening Star and Charles D McAllister docking a barge at IMTT Bayonne. Photo: ©John Skelson.

Zhen Hua 10 leaving the port empty. Photo: ©John Skelson.

Conti Harmony riding HIGH. Photo: ©John Skelson.

The Bow Thruster on Conti Harmony clearly visible. Photo: ©John Skelson.

Jay Michael. Photo: ©John Skelson.

Resolute and Bering Sea. Photo: ©John Skelson.

Hidden Harbor Tours® are only 1 week away, I hope to see everyone on board.

John Skelson

All photos by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee