This Saturday (14 June) is Working Harbor Committee’s first Hidden Harbor Tour® of the season. Riding with the Circle Line Sightseeing will give us more to see as we will travel the North River. Also, Saturday is Flag Day which could bring out some decorated vessels in the harbor.

Here are some photos of what to expect on the trip.

Miriam Moran. Photo: ©John Skelson

MSC Erminia, Saturday can be a good day for container ship activity. Photo: ©John Skelson

McAllister Sisters and Cheyenne. Photo: ©John Skelson

Red Hook and Sassafras. Photo: ©John Skelson

Our favorite “Gramma” Lee T Moran. Photo: ©John Skelson

Ellen McAllister and Maersk Atlanta. Photo: ©John Skelson

HMS Justice, one of the newest arrivals in the harbor. Photo: ©John Skelson

Bering Sea. Photo: ©John Skelson

Emerald Coast. Photo: ©John Skelson

Morton S Bouchard. Photo: ©John Skelson

Hope everyone makes Saturday’s trip, weather is looking good.

All photos by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee