It’s good to be back in NY, back to tugboats and the working harbor. The highlight of the trip was the arrival of the US Army Corps of Engineers “Side Cast Dredge, Merrett”.

She will be dredging the ferry lanes between Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island, as they have filled in with sand from storms, causing the ferries to make a long roundabout trip between the islands.

Back in NY Harbor, a quiet day on the water, with a couple of photos from the SI Ferry.

Dredge “Merrett” arriving in Hatteras Harbor, North Carolina. Photo by John Skelson.

Merrett. Photo by John Skelson

Merrett out for a days’ dredging. Photo by John Skelson

Stormy Petrel going fishing. Photo by John Skelson

Ferry “Neuce” named for a river in North Carolina. Photo by John Skelson

Back in NY, Henry Marine’s tug Pelham with a “Spud Barge” On the Hip. Photo by John Skelson

Barbara McAllister in the Upper Bay. Photo by John Skelson

Clipper City out for a sunset cruise. Photo by John Skelson

My photography exhibit “Tugboats, Workhorses of NY Harbor” on the Historic Lighthouse tender “Lilac” has been extended through the end of August. Hours are Thursday 4-7PM and Saturday and Sunday 2-7PM. Pier 25.

Happy Ship Spotting… John Skelson

All photos by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee