Saturday was a great day for a Hidden Harbor Tour cruising aboard the Circle Line XII. Capt John Doswell introduced the speakers for the trip, Billy Messina of APM Terminals, Port Elizabeth NJ, Gordon Cooper, a marine consultant, recently retired from years in the global Chemical Tanker industry, 27 of which were with Stolt-Nielson Tanker’s Connecticut office, and Capt Maggie Flanagan, marine educator at South Street Seaport Museum.

Sailing the North River, Upper Bay and Kill Van Kull, guests were treated to the sights of the KVK tugboat yards, Caddell’s ship yard, passing under the Bayonne Bridge and into Newark Bay where several containerships were unloading at APM and Maher terminals, Port Elizabeth.

Viewing ships unloading at APM, Port Elizabeth/ Photo by Phyllis Featherstone.

Capt. John Doswell, executive director of the Working Harbor Committee at the mic. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

Atlantic Titan at Bayonne. Photo by John Skelson.

Trans Gulf, a small RoRo anchored near the Statue, with a cargo of old cars. Photo by John Skelson.

Billy Messina of APM Terminals Port Elizabeth talks about operations at the port. Photo by John Skelson.

Adrian Maersk at Port Elizabeth. Photo by John Skelson.

Asphalt Eagle loaded with liquid asphalt at IMTT Bayonne. Photo by John Skelson.

Gordon Cooper, marine consultant, Stolt-Neilson Tankers, speaks about chemical and petroleum shipments into the port. Photo by John Skelson.

Catherine C Miller, Crane Barge in push gear headed for the KVK. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone.

Billy Messina of APM and Capt Maggie Flanagan of South Street Seaport Museum. Photo by John Skelson.

Enjoying the tour. Photo by John Skelson.

Robert E McAllister headed for the fuel dock at Bayonne. Photo by John Skelson.

A Working Harbor “Selfie”. Photo by John Skelson.

“Ahoy There”. Photo by John Skelson.

It was a great day on the water for ship spotting. Keep an eye out for more photos from the Hidden Harbor Tour later in the week – John Skelson and Phyllis Featherstone

All photos by John Skelson and Phyllis Featherstone, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee