Photo by Mitch Waxman

After speeding downriver at Sunday’s Tugboat Race, comes the Nose-to-Nose Pushing competition.

Photo by Mitch Waxman

You’ll be sure to see a lot of weight being thrown around.

Photo by Mitch Waxman

The mighty and the miniature, pushing and shoving with thrusters on full.

Original Watercolor by Bonnie A. (Frogma)

Their massive shows of strength and power will churn up the Hudson.

Photo by Bernard Ente.

Extra points for agility and showmanship.

Photo by John Skelson

The competition heats up, bragging rights are at stake (along with a very nice trophy). Who do you think will be taking home the prize?

Photo by Mitch Waxman

Feats of Strength – Tugboat Pushing Competition
Sunday, 31 August – Pier 84
Great North River Tugboat Race and Competitions

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by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee