There’s a lot more to see (besides pollution) on Newtown Creek. Tugs transport fuel, aggregate, recycled materials and much of NYC’s garbage on the hidden waterway every day of the week.

You’ll likely recognize some familiar colors in these photos of “Tugs on Newtown Creek” by Mitch Waxman, WHC’s official photographer and Newtown Creek Alliance historian.

Want to see more? Join Working Harbor Committee on a 2-hour boat tour of the Newtown Creek on Sunday the 31st of May from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. (tickets only $30!!) and learn about Newtown Creek’s importance as a vital maritime waterway is revealed in her historical, industrial past, present and future.

Reinauer’s Matthew Tibbetts on Newtown Creek, spitting distance from midtown Manhattan. Photo by Mitch Waxman

Franklin Reinauer transports fuel from Newtown Creek distribution facilities. Photo by Mitch Waxman

Matthew Tibbetts heading toward the Pulaski Bridge. Photo by Mitch Waxman

DonJon Marine’s Thomas D Witte transports twin barges filled with our garbage.Photo by Mitch Waxman

Mary H docked at Bayside Fuel. Photo by Mitch Waxman

Crystal Cutler cruises by SIM Metal Recycling, LIE in the background.Photo by Mitch Waxman

The Pulaski Bridge opens for McAllister’s Resolute, barge on the hip.Photo by Mitch Waxman

Ruby M. takes a barge up the creek for another load of aggregate. Photo by Mitch Waxman


Sunday 31st of May 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Newtown Creek Boat Tour
Click here for tickets!

Tour Departs from Pier 11 in Lower Manhattan at 11 am sharp. For more details click here.

by Mai Armstrong, all photos by Mitch Waxman, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee.