Many of you regular readers know about the devastating loss of our beloved leader Capt. John Doswell at the beginning of the year.

The loss of John was overwhelming. Could we keep the WHC going without Doswell? What about our Hidden Harbor tours, and High School tours that educate thousands each year about the past, present and future of our working harbor? How will we do it all… without our John?

Thanks to hundred of hours of dedicated work from the staff, volunteers, friends and family of the WHC – and with Capt. Doswell in our hearts and minds – we launched our 2015 tour season yesterday.

In the days leading up to our 2 back-to-back boat tours of both Newtown Creek and the Gowanus Bay & Canal & Sunset Park waterfront, the weather forecast began to look increasingly gloomy.

After months of gorgeous DRY weather, it was going to rain on our ‘big day’… ALL day.

Oh no! Please don’t rain, don’t rain….!! Let me tell you guys, we had all our fingers and toes crossed!! We hoped against hope for Capt. John’s Doswell Effect” to happen.

Doswell what, you ask?

Capt. Doswell had an uncanny ability to practically ‘will’ threatening clouds to part, pushing off forecast rainfall until after our Hidden Harbor excursions. We watched it happen countless times over the years, and would joke often about it back at HQ. We called it “The Doswell Effect”. I know John always got a kick out of that moniker.

Sunday dawned with weather report-talk of thunder showers pushed until after the conclusion of both tours. It was an absolutely gorgeous day – bright sunshine and not a rain cloud in the sky! Could it be “The Doswell Effect” was indeed in effect?

Sun shone brightly and blue skies prevailed ALL DAY. Not a drop fell during either tour!

Only after both tours had concluded and we were parked in a local watering hole for a post-tour meal, did the skies literally open up and bucket rain down on us. Boy, did it POUR!  Whew, good thing it didn’t rain like that during the tours!

Many Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to show your support of the Working Harbor Committee. We hope you enjoyed our presentations and look forward to seeing you on future WHC Hidden Harbor Tours.

Next up in June – “Made In Brooklyn” boat tour and our Family Fun Day “Maritime Scavenger Hunt”

Hope to see you onboard!

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee