2015 Parade O’ Tugs begins. Photo by John Skelson


23rd Annual Great North River Tugboat Race Results

Div. A – First Place
Robert E. McAllister
McAllister Towing
Time: 4:05

Div. A – Second  Place
CH Phoenix Penn Marine
Time: 4:06

Div. A – Third Place
Thomas D. Witte
Donjon Marine
Time: 4:20

Div. A – Fourth Place
Red Hook
Vane Bros.
Time: 4:21

Div. B – First Place
Mister T
Buchanan Marine
Time: 4:20

Div. B – Second Place
James William
Norfolk Tug Co.
Time: 4:30

Div. B – Third Place
Buchanan 12
Buchanan Marine
Time: 4:53

Div. B – Fourth Place
Buchanan 1
Buchanan Marine
Time: 4:54

Div. B – Fifth Place
Sarah Ann
Donjon Marine
Time: 5:07

Div. C – First Place
Eric R. Thornton
Thornton Towing & Transportation
Time: 4:21

Div. C – Second Place
Catherine Miller
Miller’s Launch
Time: 5:22

Div. C – Third Place
Susan Miller
Miller’s Launch
Time: 5:45

Exhibit Vessels:
Retired Fireboat John J. Harvey
Save Our Ships NY
Time: 5:08

New York Harbor School
Time: 5:52

And last but not least…
Buoy Tender Lt. Michael P. Murphy
Scott Koen

2015 Line-Toss Results
1. Eric R. Thornton – Time: 18 sec
2. Robert E. McAllister – Time: 22 sec
3. Buchanan 12 – Time: 31 sec

2015 Discretionary Awards
Best Looking Tug: Red Hook, Vane Bros.
Best Dressed Crew: Sarah Ann, Donjon (best oil stained jeans)
Best Vintage Tug: Eric R. Thornton
Little Toot Award: Fireboat John J. Harvey
Best Mascot: Rusty the border collie – Owner Chris on the Buchanan tug Mister T.
Best Tattoo: Buchanan (I missed the guys name! – Anyone know??)
Spinach Eating Contest: Adult: Seth Goodwin (8 second win!!!) Child: Darshan Singh
by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee