Photo by Mai Armstrong


On Sept. 11th, 2001, 500,000 people were evacuated from the island of Manhattan by boat. It has been said it was the largest maritime evacuation in history... and it all went down in under nine hours.



There was no OP, there was no Plan – just regular maritime water-folk who saw a need and rushed in selflessly to fill that need. Folks needed help, and damn it, help they were gonna get.


NYPD Photo


Each year on the anniversary of that day, I post this video in honor and remembrance of these humble maritime heroes; average people who stepped-up when needed to accomplish the impossible.

Produced and directed by Eddie Rosenstein of Eyepop Productions, Inc.


And as a reminder of how we ALL are everyday heroes inside, ready to spring forward in action “when the need t’ be”.


Photo by Mai Armstrong


Thinking of you E.L., D.F., M.V., M.J., N.R., & D.W.


by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee