By Nicolas Raymond | Creative Commons License – Attribution 3.0


Shiver me timbers!

Aye buckos, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! This very auspicious day was started aft in t’ day by Ol’ Chumbucket (John Baur) and Cap’n Slappy (Mark Summers) t’ commemorate … Aaaarrrr, Pirates mate!

Rapscalian buccaneers! The day o’ plunderin’ an’ pillagin’ for sweet booty at Krispy Kreme is here!

Caricature by J.J., SVG file by Gustavb CC BY-SA 3.0



Peg Legs! Storm th’ ship wit yer trusty scallywag Parrot on y’shoulder and brandish yer rusty Pirate Hook and you’ll come away with a treaaye chest o’ golden rings.

Forgot ye cutlass y’scurvy bilge rat? Arrrr! jus’ Pirate Speak, and those scurvy landlubbers’l toss ye a (glazed) ear-ring, me hearties!

Blackbeard. Engraved by Benjamin Cole (1695–1766) – Scanned from Angus Konstam, Blackbeard: America’s Most Notorious Pirate (2007), page 158 via wikipedia


When ye pillagin’ is done, git ye to the South Street Seaport Museum t’ dance a jig and sing ye some Pirate Shanties w’us from 1:30pm–4pm.

Aaaarrrr Matey!


by Mai Armstrong (aka Scabby One-Eyed Wally) for the Working Harbor Committee