SS United States docked in Philadelphia, 2009. Photo by Lowlova via wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)


Dire news from Philly – The historic ocean liner SS United States could be headed for the scrap heap. SS United States is the largest U.S.-built ocean liner and still holds the record for the fastest trans-Atlantic passenger liner ocean crossing.



Now her future, as reported by The New York Times, seems very bleak indeed.

The New York Times: But unless something happens by Oct. 31, the group [S.S. United States Conservancy] said in a statement, “We will have no choice but to negotiate the sale of the ship to a responsible recycler.”

“We’ve never been closer to saving the S.S. United States, and we’ve never been closer to losing her,” she said.


Photo by Jonas l. via wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)


There was (is?) talk of bringing her to New York, but the conservancy doesn’t have the funds to cover the $60,000 monthly costs to dock the ship while possibilities and proposals are negotiated.

Can this be the end of yet another piece of our maritime heritage? Read more from The New York Times here…