Nova Star docked in Portland, Maine. Photo by Bd2media (CC-3.0) via wikipedia


MV Nova Star ferryboat that plies the waters between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and Portland, Maine, has been seized by U.S. Marshals, as reported by the Portland Press Herald.


United States Marshal Silver Badge. USMS Publishing & Multimedia Services. US Dept. of Justice photo via wikipedia


Portland Pilots say they haven’t seen a penny since mid-August from Nova Star Cruises, and is owed close to $200,000 for piloting services.


MV Nova Star. Photo by Bd2media (CC-3.0) via wikipedia


U.S. Marshals “arrested the vessel”, taking possession of the MV Nova Star, “her engines, boilers, tackle, appurtenances, electronics, or other property.”

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posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee