Zhen Hua 23 carrying a shipment of super-structures. Photo by Schiffe.shnetz.de via wikipedia (CC 3.0)


Five giant ship-to-shore cranes sailed up the River Mersey to the Port of Liverpool yesterday atop the heavy-lift vessel Zhen Hua 23 on the final leg of their long journey from Shanghai, China. [Peel Ports]

The 16,400 nautical mile journey took them past south-east Asia, India, the Arabian Peninsula and Africa en route to Liverpool2, UK’s largest transatlantic deep-sea port and container terminal.



Peel Ports News Release: Each crane measures 92 meters high to the top of the frame, and 132 meters high when the boom is raised. Each crane weighs around 1600 tonnes.

Liverpool2 is the UK’s largest transatlantic deep-sea port and container terminal and the investment in facilities will allow it to accommodate the majority of the world’s current container fleet, including vessels up to 20,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) or two 13,500 TEU vessels simultaneously.



The super-structures were built by Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co. for Peel Ports, part of their £300 million investment plan to expand and develop the Port of Liverpool.

Watch video of Zhen Hua 23’s arrival into the Port of Liverpool, and read more from Peel Ports News Release here…


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee