Last Wednesday was a scorcher, really warm and sunny especially for November. I had a tour scheduled and headed out early to take a group out for an exploration of Newtown Creek with Mitch Waxman.

Little did I know that while I was trudging around my favorite Superfund site, quite a spectacle was happening a few miles south over by the Statue of Liberty.



Photo courtesy of Jetpack Aviation


Jetpack Aviation’s News release via PR NewsWire: Soaring high across the Hudson River, Australian entrepreneur David Mayman became the first person to prove the viability of personal flying devices. 

The JB-9 jetpack, approved for the flight by the FAA and US Coast Guard was developed by legendary Hollywood inventor (and winner of 3 Academy Awards), Nelson Tyler and Mayman. The miniature jet-turbine back pack is fast, powerful, and unlike rocket powered belts, safe and practical to operate. Tyler and Mayman have spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours secretly developing the device which has never before been seen in public.

Arrgh! I totally missed out seeing “Rocket Man”, FLYING over the harbor.

Did any of you see the public inaugural flight? Grab any photos? Read the news release and watch more video of the 10-minute flight here…


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee