City of Newburgh, NY. Photo by Daniel Case from the walkway on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge via wikipedia (CC 3.0)


The Times Herald-Record reports that, the City of Newburgh, NY has issued an advisory to avoid contact with Hudson River waters after untreated sewage was detected in the river.

Investigations uncovered a misdirected main mistakenly attached to an outfall pipe, which resulted in sanitary (toilets and sinks) water discharging directly into the Hudson, bypassing the sewage treatment process altogether.


Combined sewer outfall pipe. Photo by eutrophication & hypoxia via flickr. (CC 2.0)


Rerouting the sanitary main to the appropriate pipes will take about 2 weeks, according to Newburgh engineers.

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posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee, h/t to Evan Burrows | Rub It Til It Smokes