This one made me chuckle.  Apparently a Russian sailor on the Lysblink Seaways – a cargo ship on the way to Norway from Ireland – drank too much rum before going on midnight watch.

So what happened? He sailed the 7,000 ton ship into Scotland at full-speed.


Grounded ship. Photo via GOV.UK


GOV.UKThe MAIB investigation found that the officer of the watch (OOW) – who was the sole watchkeeper – had become inattentive due to the effects of alcohol consumption.

The bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS) had not been switched on and an off-track alarm on the Electronic Chart System (ECS) had been silenced. Although a radar watch alarm had sounded every 6 minutes, the OOW was able to reset the alarm without leaving his chair.


Roger Wagner Chorale recording of Sea Chantys. Capitol record number P3462 of 1959. Harve Presnell is the soloist.


The ship was so badly damaged that it had to be scrapped. Read more of the accident report from MAIB | GOV.UK here…


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee, h/t to Chris Berg, WHC steering committee