The East River Ferry is operated by Billybey. Photo by John Wisniewski (CC 2.0)


Looks like the field for a city-wide ferry operator has narrowed down to 2 major players.


Hornblower Cruises operates on both coasts. Photo by Jack Snell (CC 2.0)


In one corner is Hornblower – a California-based company that runs a fleet of eco-friendly vessels in New York harbor and out on the west coast.


A New York Water Taxi approaches the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo by Fletcher6 (CC 3.0) via wikipedia


And the other – a consortium of 3 of local ferry companies – Billybey, which runs the East River Ferry service; New York Waterway and New York Water Taxi.


New York Waterway runs commuter ferries across the Hudson. Photo by Beyond My Ken (CC 4.0) via wikipedia


Crain’s New York Business: The EDC had issued a call in March for operators for the ambitious five-route expansion. The network of ferries will shuttle commuters from Red Hook, Rockaway and other transit deserts to downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan for the price of a subway ride.

The EDC’s request for proposals says it seeks a provider that has the boats it needs or can buy them, and will maximize ridership, keep subsidies down and “seamlessly continue the existing ferry service.”

The NYC EDC has said that will make their selection in early 2016. Read more from Crain’s New York Business here…


by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee