Marijuana seized by police (not specific to this post). Public domain photo.


The New York Daily News reports that NYPD, working on a tip from the feds, found a shipping container, stashed in the wilds along Newtown Creek, with 290 pounds of marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms inside.

A good, old-fashioned stake-out ensued, with law enforcement nabbing 3 Long Island residents when they showed up to collect the hidden contraband.

Aerial photo of Newtown Creek, 2013. Photo by Joe Mabel via wikipedia (CC 2.0)


The New York Daily News: Cops found the stash at a Maspeth Ave. dock in East Williamsburg Wednesday. Homeland Security tipped them off that a container full of drugs was coming to Brooklyn from Oregon and Arizona.

Cops watched as two men and a woman pulled up in a U-Haul truck and a Hyundai Thursday night. They loaded the contents into the U-Haul and left. Cops nabbed them at Morgan Ave. for blowing a red light. 


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee