Our favorite great white shark Mary Lee has returned to waters just off New Jersey, just in time for the holidays!

Mary Lee’s meanderings have shown her moving 26,000 miles up and down the East Coast since OCEARCH started tracking her in 2012. She spent a lot of time in Jersey waters over the summer and has gained a fan-following that some rock-stars would envy!

NOT Mary Lee. A creative commons photo of a great white shark. Photo by Elias Levy (CC 2.0)


NJ.com: The beloved Mary Lee, an Internet sensation that captured the hearts of thousands when she was spotted along the Jersey coast over the summer, surfaced at 7 a.m. Sunday about 40 miles off Atlantic City.

Mary Lee’s last ping came on Dec. 4 off the coast of North Carolina. Her last return to the Garden State came in November when she surfaced in the Barnegat Bay near Long Beach Island.



In addition to tracking Mary Lee on the OCEARCH website, the great white shark has her own (unofficial) twitter feed @MaryLeeShark – where you can “speak” to her online. (The feed is actually run by a reporter from North Carolina, but we’ll just hush on that *wink*).

She has over 91,000 followers, not too shabby for a shark!

Read more from NJ.com here… and check out OCEARCH and their work here…


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee