APM Terminals at Port Elizabeth. Photo by Mitch Waxman


Crew aboard the containership Maersk Sana got bit of a surprise when they came across an unlikely stowaway this week.


Juvenile Indian Cobra. Photo by Gopal Venkatesan (CC 2.0)


Longshoremen unloading the ship at Port Elizabeth-Newark discovered an 18 inch-long Indian Cobra had somehow hitched a ride on their vessel and was slithering about below decks.

The bite of the Indian Cobra is deadly.


Photo by Mitch Waxman.


NBC 4 New York: The poisonous Indian cobra snake was discovered at the APM Terminal Monday as crews were unloading a ship that had traveled through South Asian waters en route to the Garden State.


A very venomous Indian Cobra. Photo by Kamalnv (CC 3.0)


Worried crew members on board the Maersk Sana called federal officials and wildlife authorities, and the Bronx Zoo’s Kevin Torregosa, a herpetologist, a zoologist that studies reptiles and amphibians, responded with his partner.

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posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee