Courtesy of Naima Rauam


WHC’s dear friend Naima Rauam – renowned local artist and lover of the working waterfront – has some of her works on exhibit at the Fulton Stall Market, 207A Front Street (near Beekman Street), South Street Seaport, from noon to 6 p.m. through January 10, 2016.

I strongly recommend heading down there for an in-person look.

Artist Naima Rauam has documented the working waterfront around the South Street Seaport historic district and the Fulton Fish Market in her beautiful watercolors, oil paintings and pastels since the early 1980’s.

From the artist’s website: Naima Rauam lived and worked amongst the fishmongers of the Fulton Fish Market for well over two decades, documenting Market life with her artwork. Night after night, year after year she worked alongside Market owners, salesmen, buyers, and fish cutters, sketching and photographing them, their work and their downtown setting. Their darkness to dawn work schedule became her own. To quote from a 2005 New York Times feature article on Ms. Rauam: “She’s a market guy,” explained John Guttilla, a big, bearded man who runs Blue Ribbon’s shellfish operation. “Anyone who’s out there in the middle of winter, in the middle of a snowstorm, doing her thing while we’re doing our thing, is one of the boys.” As she became immersed in Market culture and lore, her work was recognized by the South Street Seaport Museum with a 1999 exhibit.

The Working Harbor Committee would also like to thank Naima for many paintings donated to our fundraising efforts which help to further our mission to educate people about the history, vitality and importance of our working harbor.


by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee