Photo by Daniel Orth (CC 2.0)


Should bottled water come included on your cruise?

A recent change in beverage policy has Celebrity AquaClass cruisers in a tizz. The formerly free, delivered-daily-to-your-cabin bottled water, is no more.

Celebrity Solstice. Photo: Aah-Yeah | Rolf H (CC 2.0) In a statement, the line said that passengers in AquaClass, along with those in Sky and Celebrity suites, will receive two free 9 oz. bottles of water upon embarkation. Previously, people traveling in Aqua, designed as a “spa class” of sorts, had daily bottled water.

Loading cargo onto a Celebrity cruise ship. Photo by Joe Mabel (CC 3.0)

The change has sparked an extensive thread on the Cruise Critic forums. “We have 2 upcoming cruises on Celebrity in AquaClass and the bottled water, while not important to some, is important to us….When I booked both of these cruises, over a year ago, bottled water was one of my benefits. Now it’s not” said poster Gracie115. Read more from here…


A la carte, a bottle of water on a cruise can cost you upwards of $4.00 a pop. Are cruise lines cutting down on complimentary perks to move more passengers towards purchasing beverage packages?

What do you think?


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee