The Mississippi River near St. Louis. Photo: the United States Geological Survey/ United States Department of the Interior (PD)


Floodwaters from torrential rains over Christmas are threatening levees along the Upper Mississippi River, and could reach or surpass levels set during the 1993 and 1973 floods.

Due to the ongoing hazardous conditions, the U.S. Coast Guard has closed part of the Upper Mississippi River to all vessel traffic until further notice.


River stage observation and forecast for the Mississippi River at St. Louis. NOAA image via The Weather Channel


Coast Guard News Room: The Coast Guard has closed a portion of the Upper Mississippi River to all vessel traffic from mile markers 184 to 179, due to hazardous condition on the river near St. Louis.

Capt. Martin Malloy, Upper Mississippi River Captain of the Port, closed the portion of the river near MacArthur Bridge due to extremely high water levels and fast currents caused by a sudden increase in severe weather around the central United States.

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posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee