Sydney’s Light Rail System. Photo by Abesty (CC 3.0)


What do you guys think of a light rail system that runs along the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront, linking coastal neighborhoods from Sunset Park to Red Hook to Long Island City?

Although this is not the first time an idea like this has cropped up, New York Daily News reports that a new nonprofit group called Friends of Brooklyn Queens Connector has commissioned a study  that looks pretty intriguing.

[Map of the Brooklyn Queens Connector network. Courtesy of Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector via New York Daily News.]

New York Daily News: A nonprofit called the Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector — whose members include transit experts, community leaders and business giants like Doug Steiner of Steiner Studios, investor Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures and Helena Durst of the Durst Organization real estate firm — envisions sleek streetcars zipping through 10 neighborhoods along the 17-mile stretch of waterfront land between Sunset Park and Astoria.

Despite the $1.7 billion price tag and an estimated $26 million a year tab to run the tram, the planners believe the streetcar is financially viable. It would bring in $3.7 billion of new tax revenue, “generating more than enough value to pay for its own construction,” according to the study. Read more from New York Daily News here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee