Photo by Jona Thunder (CC 4.0)


An Indian court has sentenced the crew of a US-operated anti-piracy boat to 5 years in prison for violating Indian waters carrying weapons aboard.

The Express Tribune: India’s coast guard intercepted the ship off the coast of Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu in October 2013 and arrested and charged the crew for failing to have the proper paperwork to carry weapons in Indian waters.

Seaman Guard Ohio, Maritime security provider. Photo by PiracyDaily (CC 1.0)


US maritime security firm AdvanFort, which owns the Seaman Guard Ohio vessel, denies the charges against its crew, saying all firearms on board were legally purchased and properly documented.

The southern tip of India is close to major trading routes from Asia to Europe and many cargo ships have armed guards and vessels to deter pirates.

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posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee