Photo courtesy of Escambia County via Maritime Executive


Ocean Wind, the tugboat that helped to deploy many of the artificial reefs of Escambia County in Florida, journeys to rest with her mates on the bottom of the ocean – becoming habitat and resource for marine life, fisherman and divers.

Watch this beautifully haunting video by as she sinks below the waves to her final resting place among the sea-stars.



Maritime Executive: Private donors helped the county to buy the tug, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission funded the cleaning, preparation, towing and deployment costs for the project. The preparation included removal of glass, plastics, fuel and oil.

“It was actually the tugboat that towed out many of our existing artificial reefs into the Escambia County artificial reef inventory. So it’s very fitting that this tug herself will take her place among our artificial reefs,” said Robert Turpin, Escambia County’s Marine Resources Manager. Read more from the Maritime Executive here…

Posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee