S.S. United States. Photo by Lowlova (CC 3.0)


The S.S. United States has been given a new lease on life. Crystal Cruises announced this week that they plan to restore the historic ocean liner and bring her back to sail, after almost 50 years.

Photo by Jonas L. (CC 3.0)


Cruise Critic: “The prospect of revitalizing the S.S. United States and reestablishing her as ‘America’s Flagship’ once again is a thrilling one. It will be a very challenging undertaking, but we are determined to apply the dedication and innovation that has always been the ship’s hallmark,” Crystal President and CEO Edie Rodriguez said in a press release.

Photo Credit: John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. (PD)


“Crystal’s ambitious vision for the S.S. United States will ensure our nation’s flagship is once again a global ambassador for the highest standards of American innovation, quality and design,” said Susan Gibbs, executive director of the S.S. United States Conservancy and granddaughter of the ship’s designer, William Francis Gibbs. “We are thrilled that the S.S. United States is now poised to make a triumphant return to sea and that the ship’s historical legacy will continue to intrigue and inspire a new generation.” Read more from Cruise Critic here…

Posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee