Deer Island, Mass. Photo by Doc Searls (CC 2.0)


Hat tip to one of our readers, John Tariot for the heads-up to this story.

Three crewmen were rescued from frigid waters by two Boston Harbor Pilot Association captains, Capt Joe Maloney and Capt.Shawn Kelly, when their tugboat sank near Deer Island at the entrance to Boston harbor early Tuesday morning.

The distress call came in about 06:15 hours and the harbor pilots rushed to their coordinates

Photo courtesy of Boston Harbor Pilots Association By the time they arrived at the debris field, the three crewmen had been in the water for an estimated 3-5 minutes. The water temperature was 37 degrees at the time of the sinking, and that it was unlikely the crew could have survived for more than 10 minutes in the water.

USCG photo by PA1 Timothy Tamargo (PD)


“It felt pretty good to be able to save them,” [Capt] Kelly said. “They’d do the same thing for us. It’s just the way everybody is in the maritime community.” Read more from here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee, h/t to John Tariot