Floodwaters rising over Pier 16 on October 29th. 2012. Photo courtesy of the South Street Seaport Museum facebook page


Believe it or not, it has been more than three years since Hurricane Sandy surged in and flooded the South Street Seaport Museum, ruining much of the mechanics of the historic location.

The lobby and cafe, underwater. Photo courtesy of the South Street Seaport Museum facebook page


WHC is thrilled to share the news that the SSSM is returning with a new exhibit, “Street of Ships: The Port and Its People” which will open on March 17, 2016.

Street of Ships in 2005 with Wavertree in the foreground. Photo by Sfoskett (CC 3.0)


Curbed: The exhibit, which will be staged in the museum’s front lobby (work continues on the rest of the institution), will feature artifacts from the museum’s extensive collection of maritime ephemera; it’ll also provide more insight into the restoration of the Wavertree, an iron sailing ship that’s currently being restored in Staten Island.

South Street Seaport Museum. Photo by Sfoskett (CC 3.0)


In a statement, executive director Jonathan Boulware said, “We’re absolutely thrilled to finally be bringing artifacts from the collection forward to the public for the first time since Sandy.”  Read more from Curbed here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee