John D. McKean (right) with Fire Fighter (left) at FDNY’s home dock at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Photo by Mitch Waxman


Ever wanted your very own fireboat, complete with high-powered water canons? Well, head over to the public surplus auction site and you could be the winning bidder on a dreamy 62-year old decommissioned FDNY fireboat!

FDNY John D. McKean (far right). Photo by Mitch Waxman


The vessel was named after Marine Engineer John D. McKean, who heroically held his post, despite being badly burned by steam in a 1953 explosion on the fireboat George B. McClellan.

The John D. McKean docked in Brooklyn. Photo by Mitch Waxman


Gothamist: The 129-foot boat is docked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and went up for sale on Wednesday. The boat is being sold “‘AS IS’ and ‘WHERE IS,'” and that the buyer is responsible for transporting it.

No test drives will be allowed, but people who want to inspect the vessel can create an account on the auction website and call the FDNY number listed there to set up an appointment to look at it. Interested buyers will be allowed to run the engine in place.


The auction goes through March 2nd, 2016 and a FDNY spokesperson said that if there are no bids, the city will likely scrap the boat. Read more from Gothamist here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee