Docking fees at some marinas are more affordable than apartment rents. (PD)


A San Francisco woman faced with exorbitant rents, decided to avoid paying upwards of $3,500 a month for a tiny 1-bedroom apartment and instead buying a 136-square foot sailboat and moving onto the water.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge (PD)


Business Insider: 23-year-old Sarah Carter, who recently moved to San Francisco for a new job with a large e-commerce company — figured out a creative solution to this real estate conundrum: Rather than settling into an overpriced apartment, she moved onto a sailboat.

A marina in San Francisco. (PD)


In early September, she bought a boat of her own on Craiglist for $9,600. Carter pays for electricity and water, and a small monthly docking fee at a marina about 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco, which includes internet access.

She expects her housing costs will add up to $350 a month, varying a bit depending on how much electricity she uses. Read more from Business Insider here…


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee