Atlantic Basin. Photo by ©Mitch Waxman


After a little convincing, NYC EDC officials announced at CB 6’s transportation committee meeting last week, that they will add Atlantic Basin in Red Hook, to the list of potential ferry stops in the City-Wide Ferry Service plan.

Erie Basin. Photo by ©Mitch Waxman


The community strongly pushed for Atlantic Basin’s inclusion, arguing for its accessibility for both local residents and workers. Erie Basin near Ikea, has also been added to the list of options. Originally, only the Van Brunt Street pier and Valentino Park pier were being considered as potential ferry stops.

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Photo by ©Mitch Waxman


DNAinfo: The Atlantic Basin, located adjacent to the Brooklyn Cruise Ship Terminal, along with Erie Basin near Ikea, have been added to the list of locations to be studied, Economic Development Corporation city officials said.

A draft Environmental Impact Statement for Citywide Ferry Service will be released at the end of February. After community review, a final statement will be published in April. It is possible the chosen ferry dock location for Red Hook will be mentioned in the final statement. Read more from DNAinfo here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee